B2B Marketing Forum

Game Changers in B2B

Looking back at the last 10 years of B2B marketing we see how the game has changed and keeps on changing. It’s visible in the way we work, in the technology available and in the co-operation between sales and marketing. We have traveled from the concept of permission marketing by Seth Godin in 2010 to actual permission marketing living through GDPR in 2018.

The role of sales and marketing has been molded by the way buyers behave differently, and marketing is now perceived as a value add contributor throughout the whole process. The role of marketing to enable sales in a different way is irreversible.

We have implemented new technologies; they have been game changers in everything we do, but these technologies will play an even bigger role in the years to come. And, next to the fact that customer behavior has changed, technology has a continued impact on the way marketing teams work.

The 10th edition of the B2B Marketing Forum is a festival, bringing together all game changers from the past 10 years. Looking to the future, it’s time exploit all our learnings. With research, inspiration and B2B cases in a set up never to forget.  


B2B Marketing Forum is an initiative of B2B marketing agency spotONvision & Emerce. 

About spotONvision

spotONvision helps companies to grow their revenue. As an innovative B2B marketing agency, we apply both data and demand generation strategies in order to develop and implement integrated sales and marketing tailored to your business.
We support your marketing and sales teams with programmes that guide customers on a journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. We drive and support your lead generation, lead nurturing, sales enablement and customer marketing.

About Emerce

Since 1998 Emerce has offered the most important platform for decision makers that operate at the cutting edge of digital marketing, media and e-business. Emerce is the leader in signaling upcoming technologies and innovative concepts.

The Emerce platform consists of a magazine published 6 times er year, special editions like the Emerce 100, eGuide, the news site, e-mail news letters, web seminars, RSS-feeds, mobile and events such as Emerce eDay, The Social Conference and Digital Marketing Live! Emerce also organizes awards such as Dutch Interactive Awards and Website of the year. Emerce Academy trains and educates e-business professionals to the innovators of the future.