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Best practices of a successful B2B opt-in strategy

11:35 35 minutes workshop Zaal 3
Mariëlle Meijwes-Spil spotONvision

Do you want to know how to invest in a successful B2B opt-in strategy? Whether it’s technology, content and/or expertise? In this masterclass we will take a deep dive in the world of permission marketing. We will discuss team and database maturity, best practices of permission marketing in B2B companies, and we will go hands-on and share best practices to start experimenting with in 2019.

Mariëlle Meijwes-Spil

Mariëlle Meijwes-Spil


Mariëlle has +12 years of B2B marketing experience and a background in Telecom and IT. At B2B marketing agency spotONvision she is responsible for a team of professional and result-oriented campaign managers and marketing automation consultants. When it comes to sharing knowledge, Mariëlle is a Beeckestijn Business School lecturer as well as a regular speaker at spotONvision masterclasses and webinars on marketing campaigning.

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