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From classical to jamming; playing the change!

16:25 40 minutes presentation Zaal 1
Richard de Hoop Entrepreneur & Speaker

3D printing, robots, automation processes and artificial intelligence: Do new Technologies such as these bring radical change in our present living and working worlds? Or do they still sound like “music of the future”? With all these developments – where do humans fit in? Richard talks about how to develop resilience as a marketer and how we can make sure that we will still have value and play a permanent role in the society of the future.

Richard de Hoop

Richard de Hoop

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Richard has always enjoyed being on stage. As a small boy, he apparently told his mother: “I want to go to the school for pop stars”. As an entrepreneur since 1991, he started 4 companies. Sold 2 of them successfully and is passionately driving the other 2. Richard uses music as a metaphor and a source of inspiration for businesses and interactions

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