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How to get a 360-degree customer view? Enrich your leads with master data

14:20 30 minutes workshop Zaal 4
Ewoud Assen Olbico

Does your website generate leads? And? Are these leads quality leads? Many companies assess lead quality too late. Only when Sales reaches out to a lead, they find out that the lead is not qualified. Time, energy and money is lost. Olbico is specialized in master data solutions and Ewoud will explain how Nuon, Arboned and PostNL significantly improved their lead quality.

Ewoud Assen

Ewoud Assen


Ewoud Assen started his career as webshop performance marketer. After this initial experience he worked in Malaysia at an international start-up company. Back in The Netherlands he focused on communications and branding. As a copywriter Ewoud has written brand stories, articles and blogs. As a Marketing Manager at Olbico he combines his experience in communication and performance as he works on the rebranding of Olbico and channel propositions.

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