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Masterclass Account-based marketing

11:35 35 minutes presentation Zaal 2
Ingrid Archer spotONvisionLinda Goeman 1-1 B2B coach

Account-based marketing brings focus and efficiency in targeting the accounts you want to reach with your marketing activities. It is a B2B engaging strategy in which a defined set of companies is targeted with tailor-made campaigns and messaging.

In this masterclass you will learn more about the basic principles of ABM and how you can increase engagement and profitability of your target accounts. An inspiring session with a lot of hands-on and practical examples.

Ingrid Archer

Ingrid Archer


Ingrid Archer is co-founder and Clients Director of spotONvision and the B2B Marketing Forum. She initiated marketing campaigns in various sectors and is one of the experts in the field of content marketing, buyer personas and lead nurturing in B2B. Ingrid is a marketing and communications professional ‘pur sang’ with more than 20 years of experience in B2B marketing and communication.
Linda Goeman

Linda Goeman

1-1 B2B coach

Account-based marketing

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