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The customer owns the customer

15:20 45 minutes workshop Zaal 2
Berend-Jan Rietveld Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

We have arrived in ‘the age of the customer’, with CX becoming more and more important as a key differentiator. The empowered customer, fed by a wealth of information, hyper-connected and increasingly demanding through ongoing technological innovations. What does this mean for your company strategy, and how does this affect your relationship with your resellers? Amsterdam Airport Schiphol tries to find answers to these challenges by taking a holistic view.

Berend-Jan Rietveld

Berend-Jan Rietveld

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Berend-Jan Rietveld is a marketing professional with extensive experience, predominantly in B2B. At present, he is responsible for the passenger strategy, that is aimed at optimizing the customer experience for people traveling through Schiphol. But he has also written a strategy to further develop a business partnership with the airlines, to improve their customer experience as well. In 2018, Berend-Jan was awarded ‘Service Excellence Professional of the year’.

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