Friday April 14, 2017 – Amsterdam Extra Workshops


 8.30 am    –    9.00 am:     Welcome coffee and tea

 9.00 am    –    12.30 pm:   Angie Schottmuller

12.30 pm   –    13.30 pm:   Lunch

13.30 pm   –    16.00 pm:  Joost Fromberg (Online Dialogue)

16.00 pm: End of Workshops

Angie Schottmuller 

“Edutainment at its big-80’s-hair best, Angie cleverly translates complex concepts into fun, actionable insights.  Recognized by Forbes and Entrepreneur as a “top online marketing expert to follow,” she’s known for empowering attendees with cutting-edge strategies, free “power tools” (templates, scorecards, code snippets, etc.) and tactical takeaways that’ll catapult your team and marketing to the next level. With her mash-up of data-driven technology and persuasive psychology, you’re guaranteed to leave her workshop smarter. ”

Conversion-Centered Content Strategy

Planning effective web content can be challenging…

What’s your strategy? I’m not talking about a blog calendar. I’m talking about a chosen process that brings completion of desired goals to fruition – for you AND web visitors.

Join this hands-on workshop to learn a cutting-edge framework that effectively closes the content loop for your SEO, UX, and conversion strategies. No more competing tactics. No more hopeful paths to conversion. No more creating content “because it’s blog publishing day.” It’s time to market content smarter, not harder, and see some remarkable tangible results along the way!

What you will learn:

You’ll complete a content journey map that will serve as a compass and actionable content framework for driving and converting satisfied web visitors. (Yes, …a CONTENT journey map. Content is the road by which users travel. If your path is scary, confusing or riddled with potholes, …journey abandonment is inevitable. Understanding and plotting a content journey map is vital for converting traffic, regardless of where users enter your website.)

Who Should Attend:

Marketers that plan or create content (home, category, product, article or landing pages) in effort to drive website traffic, leads, or sales.

Learning Objectives:

Topic Hubs – How to prioritize and group content efforts into comprehensive, value-added topic groups that will optimally help you gain relevance and authority in the eyes of both consumers and search engines?

  • UX Assessment – How to evaluate a user experience for a given topic hub from search to conversion – plotting vital aspects of questions, needs, anxieties, and emotions? (“UX Canvas” template provided.)
  • Content Journey Maps – How to inventory and plot a respective content journey that optimally serves your target audience? What content types, keywords, emotional triggers, and calls-to-action are appropriate for each stage of the journey stage? i.e. aware > consider > compare > commit. (*Content Journey Profile template provided.)
  • Organic Landing Pages – What types of “dedicated landing pages” (webinars, resource downloads, quizzes, etc.) are needed to assist the journey, and when/where should they be accessible from your main website?
  • Quality Content Recon – How to grade and audit “quality” of content planned/created with scorecards and online polls to ensure successful path to conversion?

Joost Fromberg (Online Dialoque)

Tot onze grote spijt heeft Craig Sullivan, door persoonlijke omstandigheden, voor het congres én de workshops afgezegd. Emerce heeft daarom Joost Fromberg van Online Dialoque als vervanging geboekt. Joost is optimalisatie psycholoog en auteur op verschillende marketingblogs. Hij deelt vrijdag zijn uitgebreide kennis van persuasion en neuromarketing met concrete tips hoe je dit inzet voor CRO.