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Build a global e-commerce platform for 10 brands – Saint Gobain study case

15:20 30 minutes presentation Zaal 2
Lucas Baron Smile

During this presentation we’ll explain how Saint Gobain Distribution France combined the power of open-source technologies, smart micro-services oriented architecture and huge investments in user-experience and service design to build a global B2B e-commerce platform for 10 brands, avoiding usual important OPEX for such kind of platforms. You’ll also learn how integration of digital and the network of 900 physical agencies are important drivers for business.

Lucas Baron

Lucas Baron


Lucas has managed large scale digital projects for major clients such as Dior Couture, BNP Paribas, Neopost or Saint-Gobain. Since 2 years, Lucas is now in charge of the Saint Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France e-commerce platform.

Lucas joined Adyax (European leader on Drupal CMS) 7 years ago. In 2018 Adyax was sold to Smile Group.

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