Workshop: Global design systems: establish a dynamic design system in a cross-cultural context

11:55 65 minutes workshop Workspace
Henk Haaima Mirabeau - a Congnizant Digital Business

Global brands need to be consistent (one global brand experience) and need to reflect local needs and wishes in order to be relevant and personal. In this workshop the cultural dimension theory of psychologist Hofstede is introduced to understand cultural differences. Style elements such as icons, composition, colours and imagery can have different meanings in different cultures. Moreover, the concept of taste can vary per culture. What are the differences between cultures and how can we incorporate the culture of the user in UX/UI design?

Access limited to 30 attendees, no pre-registration possible.

Henk Haaima

Henk Haaima

Mirabeau - a Congnizant Digital Business

Henk Haaima is Creative Director at Mirabeau – a Cognizant Digital Business, Digital Designer and Artist. In his work he focuses primarily on designing unified design languages and brand identities from a human-centric perspective for brands around the globe.

Henk is also publisher of the Dynamic Design Magazine.

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