Design thinking at KPN, experiences of the inhouse design team

14:05 30 minutes presentation Grote zaal
Iñigo Otero Olazabal KPN

Iñigo works at the KPN’s customer experience design team. In his presentation he will share his experiences as an inhouse team striving to make KPN a more human centered organization. From loose customer journey mapping workshops to involving clients in every project. He will show you both sides of the story: success stories but also their struggle for professionalization and impact. Iñigo will share a couple of valuable examples with their learnings from an inhouse design team perspective.

Iñigo Otero Olazabal

Iñigo Otero Olazabal


Originally from the Basque Country, Iñigo finalized his Industrial Design studies at the TUDelft. After his graduation project in France he started his professional career back in The Netherlands as a product designer. His passion for human centered design took him further into the service design field. For almost two years he has been working applying Design Thinking to make KPN a more customer centric organization.

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