Designing for natural interfaces

13:00 30 minutes presentation Grote zaal
Kaave Pour SPACE10

What will happen when almost everyone and everything on the planet is digitally connected? What will it mean when artificial intelligence can sense and learn from the world around us? And how can we use design to create a better experience around data to improve our everyday life? The co-founder and creative of SPACE10, Kaave Pour, will present his work within the field of AR / AI and discuss the potential opportunities and challenges we will face in a world where technology and design becomes more natural.

Kaave Pour

Kaave Pour


Kaave Pour is a 28 year old award-winning creative and cultural entrepreneur, who started his first company at the age of 14. He currently oversees the position as Managing Director for SPACE10, IKEA’s future-living lab. He is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer, sharing his thoughts and experiences about innovation and design with global brands and universities, promoting a curious, open and playful approach to doing business tomorrow.