Designing simple experiences in a complex world

09:45 30 minutes presentation Grote zaal
Daniel Sytsma Studio Kraftwerk / Isobar

Today you can’t find a talk that doesn’t start telling you what impact technology has on people’s lives and business. Technology is offering a lot of possibilities. But also a lot of friction. While we are making cars autonomous, get rid of cancer through AI and put people on Mars. We’re also figuring out how to file our taxes, try to make sense of another self-checkout lane, and struggle to set up a conference call.

In this talk Daniel will explore this ”innovation gap”. Why are we failing to make technology work for the people using it? How can we focus on the right things? Make less, but better. Take a step back and fix what we have. Through practical examples he’ll look at how design simple experiences for a complex world.

Daniel Sytsma

Daniel Sytsma

Studio Kraftwerk / Isobar

Daniël has opinions for a living. He currently combines the roles of Executive Creative Director at Studio Kraftwerk and Chief Design Officer EMEA at Isobar. Working with forward thinking brands on the intersection of design, branding and innovation.

Daniël is an ambassador of Dutch Digital Design, delivered keynotes at FITC, Dutch Design Week and Digitized. As a jury president he chaired several award shows. His work has been awarded at the Cannes Lions, Webby Awards, Red Dot (Grand Prix), Eurobest, FWA and Awwwards. In 2015 he was named Design Professional of the Year.

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