I’m not your f*cking robot

10:55 30 minutes presentation Grote zaal
Jonne Kuyt edenspiekermann_

Jonne Kuyt will tell how having a strong mentality will help solve complex questions in big organizations, how it will help you create better ideas and get your shit done faster. He will also enlighten you with answers on topics like:

  • how annoying questions will build stronger relationships;
  • why you don’t want to work for assholes;
  • why being a millennial is a hoax;
  • why done is better than perfect;
  • why you need to ignore all hypes;
  • why common sense makes more sense;
  • why “beautiful” is the new “evil”.
Jonne Kuyt

Jonne Kuyt


Jonne Kuyt is a partner at Edenspiekermann. An organization dedicated to innovating businesses with design and technology in the fields of automotive, digital publishing, mass mobility, and Health. 

Jonne helps to turn complexity into simplicity. Strategic in mind and creative by heart he has directed very talented teams and challenging clients on national and international innovation projects from their offices in LA, Amsterdam, Belin, and Singapore.

He worked for clients like Mercedes, RedBull, The Lancet, Elsevier, Novartis, The. Economist, The Irish Independent, LG Electronics, KPN, ING, FBTO, Procter & Gamble Fragrances, Naturalis, Sogeti, ID&T, Vlisco, Miller Genuine Draft and Quoocker.

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