Sonic branding: giving a voice to silent products

10:20 30 minutes presentation Expo
Jasper de Kruiff Impulse Audio Lab

From the voice of a smart speaker to the indicator sound of a luxury car. Successful brands recognize that strong sonic branding at every touchpoint is a crucial part of the user experience. But how exactly does one translate brand values into sound? Where do you even begin? In this session Jasper will share some insights from his work as a UX Sound Designer to get you up to speed on this exciting topic.

Jasper de Kruiff

Jasper de Kruiff

Impulse Audio Lab

Jasper is an industrial designer based in Munich, Germany, who specializes in highly interactive sound and rich forms of interaction. After finishing his graduation project at BMW he co-founded Impulse Audio Lab, a creative agency that focuses on audio innovation. Here he and his team are continuously shaping the future of sound, mainly in the field of electric mobility.

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