The diverse skillset animation requires

10:20 40 minutes presentation Grote zaal
Marvin Koppejan Woodwork

The animation process requires a diverse skillset, ranging from strong design skills, knowledge of physics and science, and the understanding of technological developments. Marvin Koppejan will take you through a range of cases from the Woodwork portfolio to offer insights into the animation process.

Marvin Koppejan

Marvin Koppejan


Marvin Koppejan is the founder and creative director of Woodwork, an Amsterdam based design and motion studio. Trained in graphic design and motion, Marvin specialised in motion direction. Gaining experience as a freelancer, working for national and international agencies and brands, seven years ago he founded Woodwork. Working with a driven team, combining out of the box creativity with honest craftsmanship, striving to create work that tells compelling stories.

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