eDay Next Gen

Future changemakers in digital & tech

Fire-up your digital and tech talent and pursue your position in the next generation in business. Emerce eDay Next Gen is a full-day event for students in graduation year,  graduates and young professionals <26, with exclusively selected top speakers, peers and pioneers to fuel eagerness on becoming the next changemaker in digital and technology. 

Topics: Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Growth Hacking, Data Science & Analytics, IoT, Mobile, VR/AR/MR, New Media, Design, Blockchain, Coding & Development.

Here to lead

Today’s successful stories are crafted by innovators and early adopters. A culture of continuous learning, innovation, and embracing new digital technologies, is leading the way to future changes. Business cases show the importance of digital marketing and tech professionals teaming up to realize innovative solutions and achieve business goals.

That requires new competences from the employee of the future. These positions are here to deliver the next generation in business: Online Marketers, Growth Hackers, Developers, Data Scientists, Designers. They all need to understand each-others’ expertise and know about the future challenges each role has in the big picture.

At eDay Next Gen digital & tech emerge!

Young ambitious talent

This is for the eager students, graduates and young professionals <26 who pursue a career in digital & tech. 

For students in graduation year: Business IT & Management; Business Information; Computer Science; Communication & Multimedia Design; Creative Business; Creative Media and Game Technologies; Creative Marketing; Cross Media Communication; Data Science; Data Science & Marketing Analytics; Digital Business Concepts; Econometrics; ICT; Information & Multimedia;  Artificial Intelligence; Digital Design; E-commerce & E-fulfillment; New media & Digital Culture; Online Marketing; Cyber Security Management; Software Engineering; Mathematics; Business Administration; Communication…

For graduates and young professionals <26: Online marketer, Conversion Specialist, Email Marketer, SEO/SEA Specialist, E-commerce Marketer, Advertising Consultant, New Media Specialist, Growth Hacker, Data Scientist, Data Analist, Web & App Developer, Front & Back End Developer,  UX Designer, Product Owner, Consultant…


eDay Next Gen takes place during the Amsterdam eWeek as a side event of Emerce eDay. In collaboration with the initiating university & network partners and supported by our sponsors.

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