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AYA: Ask YouTube Anything

13:00 30 minutes presentation Grote Zaal
Marijn Poeschmann Youtube

Marijn is YouTube’s Country Manager for the Benelux countries. She’s in close contact with large Creators, traditional broadcasters and football clubs. Ever wondered what it’s like to work at YouTube, live in London or how to become a Level 7 Google Maps Local Guide? Marijn is ready to answer your questions.

Marijn Poeschmann

Marijn Poeschmann


Marijn is in charge of YouTube business, strategy and content partnerships across the Netherlands and Belgium. She works with digital and traditional content partners and helps them build an audience and a business on YouTube. She works with a wide variety of partners including YouTube creators, Multi-Channel Networks, Global studios, public and commercial broadcasters, news organisations and football clubs.

Marijn has been with YouTube since 2014. Prior, she held various analytical roles within Google, and worked in private equity at AlpInvest Partners, one of the largest private equity investors globally. 

Marijn holds a master’s degree in Financial Econometrics from the University of Amsterdam. In her spare time, she is a level 7 Google Local Guide, a status she achieved by eating out a lot and taking pictures before the food is gone.