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From losing to giving: How losing my father made me a tech start-up entrepreneur

11:00 30 minutes presentation Zwarte zaal
Quirine Wissink LUTTO

My father passed away, and at that moment I thought there was nothing I could do. Or was there? Because of my
entrepreneurial mind I got the idea to turn my grief into an app start-up. I will tell you everything about starting up & screwing up and which tools and connections I used to make sure LUTTO is going to be a success.

Quirine Wissink

Quirine Wissink


At this moment I’m actively working on the development and launch of my app, LUTTO. After my fathers passing in 2017 I got the idea of developing an app that helps and supports people in their grieving process. I have an entrepreneurial mind and a true passion for entrepreneurship. My ultimate goal is to help, inspire and inform people about grief and loss.

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