Emerce Next

Emerce Next – online conference

What we need right now are easily absorbable video talks on technology. Staying ahead of the game, straight from your home office.

Here you go. This is your on-demand digital conference with 25+ leaders and thinkers on trends and innovations in technology.

For the sake of everyone’s well-being, we hadn’t a grit of doubt to strikethrough the offline event. And start the transformation of Emerce Next into a online conference, releasing the brightest tech talks online, and hosting exclusive deep-dive hangouts with speakers.

Only through this, can we continue to connect and empower you, professionals, thinkers, brands, through engaging content in technology for commerce, marketing, media, and society.

Online video event to upgrade your digital and tech knowledge for business

With over 20 talks and hangouts with companies like WeMakeVR, Ciphix, Growth Tribe, VicarVision, and Hack the Planet this is the complete digital experience of applicable technologies in business. 

From high-level technology keynotes to in-depth developer sessions. Browse through video content on the latest international insights in digital transformation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, science design, virtual reality, and circular economy.

Emerce Next enables you to step into the community of the Dutch digital and tech scene, as all like-minded digital and tech professionals, developers, hackers, and pioneers will be here to dive into latest tech content for business.

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