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About Emerce Next

Upcoming in tech
Emerce Next is now, new and upcoming in technology. On May 26th 2020 pioneers and thought leaders present the need-to-know trends, innovations in business, challenges, and workshops in technology for commerce, marketing, media, and society. The all-in tech event for 1500 of the next generation of future innovators. 

All-in tech experience
With more than 100 talks, challenges, workshops, and round-table sessions with companies like Google, Uber, and Microsoft this is the complete experience of applicable technologies in business. From high-level technology talks to in-depth developer sessions. Gather the latest international insights into coding & development, data & analytics, AI & machine learning, AR & VR, smart city, loT, gamification, blockchain & cryptocurrency, growth hacking… Join in on the challenges, workshops and round-table sessions and take a deep dive into your favorite tech topics. 

Challenge and connect
Indulge yourself for one day at the Beurs van Berlage Venue in Amsterdam and take a future glance at your career, upgrade your tech expertise and learn from peers and thought leaders in technology for digital business, marketing, media, and society. Either way, it will boost your network within the Dutch digital and tech scene, as all like-minded digital and tech professionals, developers, data scientists, designers, growth hackers and pioneers will be there.

Since 1998. Emerce is the main Dutch  multimedia platform for professionals operating in the area of digital marketing, media, e-business and technology. Emerce is at the forefront of signaling emerging technologies and innovative business concepts.

Code of Conduct

The Emerce organization follows rules and regulations according to the code of conduct. Find the full document here.