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Ethics and AI

11:20 25 minutes roundtable Roundtable 8
Sjoerd Rieske Atos

Any new advanced technology raises, sooner or later, complex ethical dilemmas. In the case of Artificial Intelligence, these issues can be quite pervasive and complex to tackle, like the cases of digital bias or the lack of transparency in AI algorithms.

What is important is the impact that is already becoming evident in many fields. Discrimination by facial recognition systems, issues with policing & justice systems that show clear biases.

How can we design an ethical and accountable AI?

Sjoerd Rieske

Sjoerd Rieske


Sjoerd has been working for Atos Consulting since 2014 as an expert in data analytics and AI. In various consulting engagements he has supported clients in various sectors to create value out of data analytics and AI in a sustainable way.

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