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Open Banking & API’s

13:40 25 minutes Roundtable 1
Maarten Spit ABN AMRO

Business Models based on platforms and digital eco-systems are evolving rapidly and will soon be the new normal. The emerging role of API’s drive these innovations and the role of banks will inevitable change. ABN AMRO is investing a lot in API’s and Digital Platforms to foster the business models of tomorrow.

Maarten Spit

Maarten Spit


Maarten’s roots lay in an extensive experience in IT-architecture, after graduation for his IT-study. He focuses on (Open) API’s and Open Banking. Together with his team Maarten designed and delivered ABN AMRO’s Open Banking API Channel which supports the external developer community and offers all kinds of API Products. Next to Open Banking Maarten is responsible for the internal Enterprise Integration capability as well.

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