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AI in media – how RTL touches the heart and mind

11:20 30 minutes Stage 1
Geoffrey van Meer RTL Nederland
Media developments are accelerating. The viewers preference is increasingly shifting to non-linear TV-consumption. The use of online video services such as Netflix and Videoland is becoming mainstream. At the media and entertainment company RTL Nederland, data intelligence plays an expanding and important role.
Geoffrey will explain the big contribution of AI for new developments within RTL, by giving practical examples and visions for the future.
Geoffrey van Meer

Geoffrey van Meer

RTL Nederland

Geoffrey van Meer (PhD) has an extraordinary interest in media consumption. RTL sells emotion; every hour and every minute of every day. Geoffrey’s data science team collects and analyzes data through text mining and face recognition of the actors. He quantifies the emotions in TV-content and supports program makers and creatives in their daily business to make content that meet the needs of the viewer.

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