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Jury panel: Growth for a good cause and how to make a social impact

15:20 30 minutes workshop Stage 6
Max van den Ingh I AM POPBart Jacobsz Rosier EtergoAleksandra Dragozet Sea Going Green

During this panel discussion the jury members of the growth for good challenge will be discussing the role of growth in a nonprofit mission and making greater impacts, as well as reviewing the highlights of this contest. 

Keep your chair warm and stay for the award ceremony which will take place right after the jury panel, around 16:00 o’clock. 

During the award ceremony the winners of the growth for good challenge will be announced on stage and receive their unique prizes – make sure to be there! 

Max van den Ingh

Max van den Ingh


As Head of Growth at I AM POP, Max is responsible for the commercial growth of the messaging platform. Previously, Max led growth at Tesla-leasing company MisterGreen. He is a speaker and advisor in the field of growth marketing and digital transformation. His expertise gave him the opportunity to participate in two awards shows as a member of the jury and become a guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business University.

Bart Jacobsz Rosier

Bart Jacobsz Rosier


Bart Jacobsz Rosier is CEO and co-founder of Etergo, formerly Bolt Mobility. He is an entrepreneur with over ten years of experience and multiple entrepreneurial awards. One of Bart’s life goals has been to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and transport. He studied mechanical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where he founded multiple companies and was active in the Honors Program. He pursued his master’s degree at the University of Amsterdam, during which he built websites for many larger companies such as ING and Arcadis (ao), and where he also began his third company, Dwillo. An award winning platform, he eventually donated it to a university, as Bart found the market dynamics of his company did not allow him to grow it fast enough to truly scale the business.

With his learnings, he joined Marijn Flipse as co-founder, where he was able to pursue the goal of building a highly scalable product-based business in the renewable energy sector. Bart is CEO and product architect at Etergo, deeply involved with strategy and development of new products people can fall in love with.

Aleksandra Dragozet

Aleksandra Dragozet

Sea Going Green

Aleksandra has been travelling since she was 1 years old and hasn’t slowed down since. Living in 6 countries by the age of 21 her passion for travel has only grown. Her international background (Croatian /Serbian/ Canadian) is what sparked an early passion for travel, which led her to Amsterdam in 2014. There she completed an MSc in Oceanography and Limnology and worked as part of the WWF-NL team that lead a reintroduction program of rays in the North Sea! Previously, she also earned a honors undergraduate degree in Biological Anthropology, Biology & Environmental Biology from the University of Toronto & National University of Singapore in which she gained a wealth of theoretical knowledge and hands on practical skills while exploring the delicate interactions between humans and nature. It is Ally’s love for travelling and the ocean that drives her commitment towards sustainable tourism. She believes that sustainable tourism through sustainable business is a key step towards protecting the integrity of the ocean and its biodiversity. Tourism can cause harm but it does not need to, #GoGreenForTheBigBlue. This is why she founded Sea Going Green in 2017, a sustainable tourism consultancy with a mission to alleviate the negative impacts of the tourism industry on the marine environment.

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