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CityFlows: mapping the city rhythm

16:00 30 minutes presentation Stage 1
Juanita Devis Imec City of Things

Cities are complex organisms in constant transformation, made of distinct networks and physical elements. Most importantly, they are the main scenario where we live our life.

This talk presents the City of Things CityFlows project in Antwerp, which combines urban planning and technology to investigate and visualize the flows of people, bikes, cars, public transportation in the urban environment. In this way we can better understand how people are dwelling the space and how we can create better cities for the future.

Juanita Devis

Juanita Devis

Imec City of Things

Juanita Devis is a Researcher in Urban Design at imec City of Things. Imec City of Things is a large initiative aiming at creating in Antwerp a living lab where industry, researchers, citizens and public institutions collaborate to co-create, test and experiment with new technologies to address the current and future challenges of the city.

Her research combines architecture and urban design, technology and computer science, to investigate new strategies for future places of living and work

She was previously a CityScience Advisor for the City Science Group, at the MIT Media Lab.

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