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Connecting the wild with nano satellites

30 minutes presentation
Coen Janssen Hiber

What are nano-satellites and why do we need them? 

In 2016 Hiber was founded by a team of Dutch satellite experts and tech entrepreneurs, and the company has specifically launched their nano-satellites to provide Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to remote, unconnected areas of the world. Hiber is pushing the boundaries and making life better for everyone.  Hiber’s nano-satellite circles the globe and passes the North and South pole 16 times a day and any spot on the equator twice a day, thus offering the first worldwide Internet of Things network at low cost.

Coen Janssen will explain the new wave of nano-satellites and show how these bring new services and resources to the earth’s most distant locations.

Coen Janssen

Coen Janssen


Coen Janssen is the Director of Business Intelligence, and one of the co-founders, of Hiber. A special innovator with a never-ending appetite for pioneering yet sustainable projects. Coen has a unique background in both aerospace and investments. He attended Harvard to enhance his corporate finance skills and has an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology.

Hiber provides global and affordable Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity via nano-satellites to remote, unconnected areas of the world. Hiber will be the first to offer true IoT connectivity direct to satellite for rural, remote and network independent applications.

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