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Enhancing or Manipulating? Tech, Gamification & Ethics

10:00 30 minutes presentation Stage 4
Melinda Jacobs Subatomic

In this talk, we’ll explore what makes games powerful experience that immerse people in the stories they tell, and what we can take from this to apply into more business-minded – not entertainment alone – contexts. We’ll touch upon why it’s so important when you’re designing a product or service to consider the story you want to tell and how the manner in which user/customer interacts with your story matters. Good design, and understanding human behavior not just about designing function alone, nor is it just about attempting to disguise mundane tasks as “fun”. It’s about understanding your role as a guide, not an enforcer, and accepting the ethical responsibility that comes with using technology that allows you to reach your audience in more intimate and leading ways than before.

Melinda Jacobs

Melinda Jacobs


Melinda, the Chief Product Officer of Mobius Labs GmbH, is an international speaker, entrepreneur, gamification wizard, and N7 paragon. She’s the founder of Subatomic, the Dutch partner of the Interreg EU Create Converge project, an agency which specializes in perfecting the telling and sharing of narratives through interactive experiences to create behavior change. She’s published many of her research and findings in peer reviewed journals and is a mentor, coach, and advisor to startups from around the world.

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