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From Living Labs to Smart Cities – how to get there?

11:20 30 minutes presentation Stage 5
Jan Joost van Kan Atos

Data tells the stories of people that define a City. Our MyCity platform ties them together.

In this talk we will take a step back to reflect on the current state of smart cities (through examples), why realizing full-scale smart cities is so hard and why it is imperative we take steps towards accelerating the process through a possible solution for the predicament we are in.

Jan Joost van Kan


Jan-Joost van Kan is one of the driving forces behind MyCity: the vision Atos formulated over 10 years ago for sustainable cities now and in the future. In the last decade we have had the privilege to partner with citizens, knowledge institutions, private and public organizations (in cities worldwide like Eindhoven, Málaga, Vienna, Birmingham, Bordeaux, Nice and others) and discover how their everyday challenges will help in shaping their own city of tomorrow. 

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