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Growth Hacking – Power Session

13:20 30 minutes presentation ENG Stage 6
Regan Kirk Growth Tribe

Growth comes from a mix of behavioural psychology, coding, creative marketing and data analysis. Rapid Experimentation and Growth Marketing skills help you beat the competition and keep growing! This talk will  run you through some of the latest stories, learnings and tricks.

A brief but information-packed power session covering the process, mindset and tools that will help you on your journey towards a more consumer-centric, experiment- and data-driven organisation.

Regan Kirk

Regan Kirk

Growth Tribe

Regan is a serial founder, amateur podcaster and marketing nerd turned Growth Marketing Trainer at Growth Tribe. He has taken being data-driven to the next level and is often seen playing with a myriad of tracking apps. With experience in Kuwait, Mexico and Australia his broad international experience makes him a highly adaptable coach. He now teaches companies across Europe how find ways to grow in a hyper competitive world.

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