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How immersive technologies impact the world as we know it

30 minutes presentation
Avinash Changa WeMakeVR

Emerging technologies like AR and VR have offered many industries new tools to improve their products and services. Most of us have tried one of these immersive experiences by now, but what’s next? How can these technological developments contribute to a new generation of jobs and how does it impact our daily lives? Avinash takes us into the world of immersive technologies and explains the relevance and opportunities of the medium.

Avinash Changa

Avinash Changa


Avinash Changa is an all-rounder in the field of digital concepts and production techniques, a true VR-evangelist and founder of WeMakeVR. 

Since its inception in 2013, WeMakeVR has developed into one of the most award-winning VR-companies in the Netherlands, and is an internationally recognised pioneer. New York Times, Forbes, VRFocus and many others have written about WeMakeVR, covering it’s educational, healthcare and social purposes work as well as its commercial work. BBC world news has featured WeMakeVR with a prime-time 6-minute interview about VR applications that go beyond entertainment. 

WeMakeVR’s mission is to bring people moments of joy and improve quality of life, with emerging technologies as the tools to continuously go beyond the world’s expectations.