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15:20 30 minutes presentation ENG Stage 1
Max van der Heijden Booking.com

Each day, more than 1,550,000 room nights are reserved on Booking.com. With a mission to empower people to experience the world, Booking.com’s ambitions go far beyond hotels and include much more than just accommodation.

The seemingly simple website and app that travellers all around the globe are using to book their trips has hundreds of different teams working on it in the background to make sure the experience is smooth from beginning to end.

In his talk, Max van der Heijden will give you a sneak peak into how the Booking.com product is built, what learnings can be taken from that and how their single-minded focus on the needs of the customer drives all innovation at the company.

Max van der Heijden

Max van der Heijden


Max van der Heijden is a Senior Product Manager at Booking.com where he leads product development for the company’s hostels offering. Max’s team empowers millions of hostel travellers to use the Booking.com website and app to explore the world. Formed in 2018, the team has already run hundreds of A/B experiments to improve the experience for Booking.com’s hostel customers and partners.

Prior to joining Booking.com, Max worked at Google as a user experience and conversion rate optimisation specialist for Google’s largest global advertisers in different industries and at Shop2market (now AdCurve) where he did research and product development on Conversion Attribution, Customer Lifetime Value and the Customer Journey.

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