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The Next Billion Users: Digital Life Beyond the West

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Payal Arora The Next Billion Users

After immersing herself in factory towns, slums, townships, and favelas, Payal Arora assesses real patterns of internet usage in India, China, South Africa, Brazil, and the Middle East.

Why do citizens of states with strict surveillance policies appear to care so little about their digital privacy? Why do Brazilians eschew geotagging on social media? What drives young Indians to friend “foreign” strangers on Facebook and give “missed calls” to people? Arora reveals habits of use bound to intrigue everyone from casual internet users to developers of global digital platforms to organizations seeking to reach the next billion internet users.

Payal Arora

Payal Arora

The Next Billion Users

Dr. Payal Arora is the author of several books, most recent being ‘The Next Billion Users: Digital Life beyond the West’ with Harvard University Press.  She has published over 50 papers in the field of internet user experiences in the Global South and has given 150 presentations across 85 cities in 35 countries, including a TEDx talk on the future of the internet. She has consulted for both public and private sector organizations such as HP, Dutch Brewers, GE, and UNESCO and sits on several boards including Facebook Social Science One Advisory Committee, Columbia University’s Earth Institute Connect to Learn, and The World Women Global Council in New York. She has held Fellow positions at NYU, GE, ITSRio and ZeMKI at the University of Bremen. She earned her Masters in International Policy from Harvard University and a PhD in International Development from Columbia University. She is an Associate Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, founder of an activist organization Catalyst Lab and Section Editor for a University of California Press Journal – Global Perspectives.

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