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The roadmap to scalable growth in B2B tech companies: creating a flywheel

14:00 30 minutes presentation ENG Stage 6
Max van den Ingh I AM POP

While most companies still rely on stand alone marketing campaigns, the B2B tech industry requires a different approach. Due to the disparate nature of SaaS products in comparison to traditional products and services, marketing strategies have had to adapt. How are they doing this? Max will share his knowledge on building a flywheel for scalable growth.

Max van den Ingh

Max van den Ingh


As Head of Growth at I AM POP, Max is responsible for the commercial growth of the messaging platform. Previously, Max led growth at Tesla-leasing company MisterGreen. He is a speaker and advisor in the field of growth marketing and digital transformation. His expertise gave him the opportunity to participate in two awards shows as a member of the jury and become a guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business University.

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