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Transforming Industrial Production with AI

30 minutes presentation
Jane Zavalishina Mechanica AI

In this talk, Jane Zavalishina will show the magical things happening at the intersection of conservative, equipment-heavy industrial production and innovative data-driven solutions. The largest sector of the world economy is just starting its digital transformation journey, which makes it one of the most exciting things happening right now. Based on practical examples of data-driven and AI-powered applications across the industries, from food production to mining and from fashion to petrochemicals, Jane will show how AI leads to a global transformation of the whole industrial sector, bringing it to the next level of efficiency and sustainability.

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Jane Zavalishina

Jane Zavalishina

Mechanica AI

Throughout her career, Jane has always focused on harnessing the power of the innovative technologies for the everyday needs of millions of users and for disruptive business applications. She is a frequent speaker on the topics of AI business strategy and applications. In 2016, Jane was named in Silicon Republic’s Top 40 Women in Tech as an Inspiring Leader. She is recognized by Inspiring Fifty as one of the top fifty most inspirational women in the technology sector in the Netherlands.

Her company Mechanica/AI embeds AI in the most important industrial processes to predict and improve their outcomes. Before this she was the CEO of the Yandex Data Factory, CEO of Yandex Money and the Chief Product Officer of Yandex, which started as the leading search provider in Russia and these days operates an ecosystem of intelligent products and services..