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The urgency of turning data into models in times of covid-19

30 minutes presentation
Ana Maldonado Altius

During this talk we will explain why digital transformation is not new (yet, a necessity) and how companies are unequally prepared to face the challenges that covid-19 bring upon us. Finally, we will provide some guidelines to create your own data strategy and make the best out of the opportunities of this new era.

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Ana Maldonado

Ana Maldonado


Ana is Altius Head of Data Science Practice. After a PhD, some years of research in leading institutes in Europe and 15 years of experience in industry as data scientist, strategist and advisor, she helps now companies in their path towards digital transformation, turning their data into models and creating impact and value for their businesses. Her mission is to create successful projects while translating clients needs and business questions into actionable data science & AI solutions.