8 mins to build a brand, website & chatbot. Go!

10:40 30 minutes presentation Grote zaal
David Arnoux Growth Tribe

David Arnoux is a terrible coder, designer and UXer. Yet through the power of some simple tools he’ll show you how to build a brand, website and chatbot in about 8 minutes.
David is the co-founder of Growth Tribe, one of Europe’s fastest growing education companies. In this talk, he will illustrate how technology is an opportunity for humans to be more self-reliant, agile, and faster than ever before. Ultimately companies should adopt this technology-powered growth-mindset to be faster than their competition. To become self-learning and self-reliant organizations.

David Arnoux

David Arnoux

Growth Tribe

David runs Growth Tribe, a young 75-person company that teaches startups and corporates the skills, tools and tactics of rapid experimentation. His hobbies include building prediction models and running 5-second tests. He also has a Youtube channel called “Growth Tribe”

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