Looking to the past to uncover the future of performance testing

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Mike Woodward True Fit

A/B testing has become the default standard for performance assessment in retail. However, given the evolution of modern websites, dynamic content, and the frailties of cookies, the best retailers are learning that A/B testing isn’t always the best method for analysing every digital experience. Learn about the limitations of A/B testing and why it fails to show a benefit even in cases where material benefit exists. See how top retail and tech leaders have looked to the past to uncover a modern alternative to longitudinal A/B testing. This method is something every retailer should adopt as a key arrow in their examination quiver to ensure accurate data-driven decision making.

Mike Woodward

Mike Woodward

True Fit

Mike Woodward is the head of Analytics and Insights at True Fit, a data-driven personalisation platform for footwear and apparel retailers. Mike has graduated from the best British and American universities and has spent 20 years of his career analyzing, interpreting, and modeling data in different industries. He has published widely in academic journals and trade publications, has spoken at many international conferences, and won the British Computer Society’s IT Award for Excellence.

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