The changing Fashion Landscape – What the hell is going on in our Fashion System? An attempt to illustrate reasons and potential answers

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Jan Hilger Hilger Consulting

The Fashion Industry and business is going through the biggest changes since the invention of industrial sewing lines and the computer. Recent years have seen more closures and insolvencies like never before, like V&D, Sissy-Boy and McGregor. Traditional concepts don’t seem to work any more. While new fashion concepts like one-product focus are growing big and strong. But is it just a matter of using new software and technology?

Jan Hilger

Jan Hilger

Hilger Consulting

Jan Hilger has a long track record in the global Fashion Industry having worked as an Executive in various roles with HUGO BOSS, Escada, PVH (Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein), Atreus Interim Management, Triumph and many other Brands in his consultancy portfolio. Since 2015 he supports organizations in their restructuring and on the way to agile organizations to tackle the challenges of the digital age. He also worked as an Interim C-Level Manager to get involved in corporate Turnaround measures and support companies in difficult phases being it in a financial winddown scenario or an ERP od system implementation process. He is also supporting various Fashion Fairs and Associations like the International Apparel Federation and the DTB in Germany and is a frequent speaker and moderator on global conferences. His customers are global players, private equity companies, consultancy firms,
associations as well as SME’s from the fast moving consumer goods industry.

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