The dynamic storefront: A framework to how brands can transform themselves for the new shopping experience

12:15 30 minutes presentation Grote zaal
Jons Janssens Ace & Tate

Brands should be where the attention is. New channels will keep coming and the interface between you and the customer will continue to change. Customers have instant access to your brand wherever they are, and they want to be able to buy your products at their convenience. While a magic template for the right mix of physical and digital may never exist for brands, Jons Janssens, CIO of Ace & Tate says the key lies in designing a consistent experience that can adapt across channels – even the ones we don’t know exist yet.

Janssens will present a simple framework to transform your shopping experience to whatever new channel might arise in the future. Long-term growth will come from not only rethinking your technology stack but also, how your organisation responds to changes ahead that it cannot predict. Transforming your business into a ‘fast fish’ will provide customers what they really want: the freedom to choose when, where and how to shop, enhanced by engaging creative experiences across all channels.

Jons Janssens

Jons Janssens

Ace & Tate

Jons Janssens likes to start, build and change things. He’s a product guy
on the business side of technology—product development is his
tool for driving growth at tech companies. Transforming existing products
and services that bring value to consumers or companies is what he loves.
For Jons, technology without proper application doesn’t make any impact.

Jons started his first company during university, building PCs that looked
like Macs—which were not as fetching as the latter according to him.
From there, he started Marvia (CMS for print) and built a new digital
experience for PostNL, after which he initiated a small venture fund to
invest in tech startups that create a positive impact. He joined Ace & Tate
in January 2017, and is currently figuring out what the future of retail
will look like there. ‘Build, measure, learn’ is his maxim.

Outside of work, you’ll find him making time for reading, philosophy and
meditation. He also curates a database of ‘life experiences’, with the goal
to turn this into an app one day: “I believe life is about collecting memories
and I would like to keep track of my path through the days.”

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