Machine learning for financial services

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Tomasz Czech Comarch

Through systems that can learn based on historical examples, which is the essence of deep learning, AI can effectively address the challenges faced by the financial services of today. Money laundering detection, financial product recommendations, credit scoring, underwriting are only a few selected use cases, where application of machine learning can generate tremendous economic value. Tomasz will show you how to adopt the most effective AI technologies and processes, giving you the upper hand in your industry.

Tomasz Czech

Tomasz Czech


Tomasz Czech is a Business Solution Manager responsible for development of AI-based products for financial services industries. Has 12 years of industry experience. He participated in the R&D projects and implementation of large IT systems in the areas of trading and wealth management, working for the financial institutions from around the world. On daily basis he focuses on expanding the product offer in the Comarch financial sector, working with the latest technologies such as machine learning, augmented reality or blockchain.