Trick or Treat? Harnessing the power of passive biometrics

Dominik Coenen Arvato Financial Solutions

Today, banks and other digital players have to assume the worst of the user as fraudsters are making their way up. Blind spots in the authentication process aggravate the already challenging situation. But in fact, more than 98% of human transactions are legitimate, and the customer is king. Consequently, a frictionless customer experience is a differentiator and companies face the challenge: Trick or treat? But what if you could have it all?

Dominik Coenen

Dominik Coenen

Arvato Financial Solutions

Vice President | Finance & Payment. Member of the Executive Board.

Dominik is an experienced fraud prevention specialist focusing on the financial and telecommunication industry. Today he engages with various global clients to solve their fraud prevention issues and to optimize their customer journeys after having held several business development and product management related positions.