6 ways to gamify your referral strategy to make it fun for your employees!

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Matthias Wolf Firstbird

Engaging your employees is a “must” for the long-term success of your referral program. But how can you make it more fun? How can you gamify your referral strategy? How can you make sure that your referral network is continuously highly active and motivated? Matthias Wolf from Firstbird shows you how to bring gamification, fun and branding into your employee referral program!

Matthias Wolf

Matthias Wolf


Matthias Wolf is the COO and co-founder of the digital referral program Firstbird. He offers many years of experience and expertise in the areas of management and HR, including his time as Managing Director at Great Place to Work Austria. Firstbird supports companies in reducing their hiring costs, time-to-hire, while simultaneously increasing retention through the power of employee referrals.

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