Jim Kleijnen

Cornerstone OnDemand

When it comes to his career, Jims CV would tell you that he’s a former Hotel School student and has worked at high level properties both in the Netherlands and the USA. A degree executed in something not very relevant to his current role. On top of that he has an ‘unhealthy’ obsession for adrenalin sports and cooking. How helpful is that?

Those who know Jim would probably say he’s a creative trapped in a technology salesman’s body. A fiercely loyal, highly competitive individual with a questionable attention to detail and the attention span of an infant on a sugar rush. Intrigued by everything tech, and innovation; but above all, the impact it has on human beings, he switched career paths to help companies realize their human potential by leveraging technology. Jim recently found out he is someone who tends to excel in a start-up culture like Cornerstone has, and would be utterly depressed in any firm that employs more than 10.000 people.

So dear Talent Acquisition Professionals, in short, Jim is who he is. Potentially brilliant in the right environment, and a flat out liability in the wrong one.