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Bridging the gap between on- and offline

12:50 30 minutes presentation Zaal 2
Ilona van Wegen Google

Shopping journeys are no longer just online or offline – journeys are becoming more complex, longer and less predictable! Why bridge the gap between on and offline? We learned that companies that are able to personalize the customer experience across physical and digital channels can achieve a 5 to 15 percent revenue increase. What steps can you take as a marketer and what to learn from others in the global industry.

Ilona van Wegen

Ilona van Wegen


Ilona van Wegen, 7 years at Google, leads the Omnichannel Retail and Brands team at Google NL. With her team she partners with leading companies to grow their business at a global scale.

Prior to Google she has worked 7 years in (Trade) Marketing at Heineken where she was involved in product innovation, communication & global sponsoring. To get a closer look on what entrepreneurship meant she stepped over to a venture capitalist. Being a fund manager for another 4 years. In this role she was actively managing early stage companies in their expansion strategies and journeys to grow their business significantly across the globe.

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