AI – The Gamechanger of Travel

10:15 30 minutes presentation Studio
Johnny Quach AirHelp

Johnny will showcase how fast AI-powered applications are able to exceed human capabilities, the technology that is overturning the whole travel industry. As an example, one of the world’s first AI-based lawyers Lara is already able to determine the chances of the success of a compensation claim for flight problems in real time, with an accuracy rate of 96%, exceeding the human rate of 91% accuracy.

Johnny Quach

Johnny Quach


As AirHelp’s VP Product, Johnny Quach has been responsible for making AirHelp the fastest developing company in the travel-tech industry. Johnny is a versatile entrepreneur with experience building simple, thoughtful products in multiple industries.He has a reputation for making a big impact, fast. After only six months at Rocket Internet, Johnny launched three companies from scratch across Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, Malaysia, China, and the UK. Over his career, Johnny has headed product teams across three different continents. He previously worked at Rocket Internet, Vendomo, and Unison. Johnny spent two years as a professional poker player, and enjoys table tennis and break-dancing in his free time.

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