Corendon: How to use Dynamic Video in the Travel Industry

11:15 30 minutes presentation Studio
Guido Derkx Storyteq & Corendon

The digital landscape in the travel industry is changing. Where we once created one video, we now create thousands of videos for different travel deals, advertising platforms and target groups.

At Corendon, hotel deals change constantly. Creating new videos non-stop is expensive and time consuming. Therefore, Corendon & Storyteq show you how to create dynamic videos based on product- and user data in a few seconds and how Corendon uses this in their video marketing strategy.

Guido Derkx

Guido Derkx

Storyteq & Corendon

Guido is the Managing Director of Storyteq, a software company which empowers brands to connect data with video. Every day he works with brands such as KLM, Van Gogh Museum and Corendon to help them get the most out of their video marketing.

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