Opening Keynote: Emerging technologies will empower or disrupt the travel industry of the future?

09:40 30 minutes presentation Grote zaal
Mirko Lalli Travel Appeal

The travel industry is continuously evolving. There’s new information, online sources and channels, new forms of tourism and new ways to interpret and review the experience.

Where do innovation and emerging technologies fit in?

These advanced technologies provide insights about the future of the travel sector and help us understand positive and negative attributes of travel experiences. Managers can leverage these actionable insights to implement business-improvement solutions.

Mirko Lalli

Mirko Lalli

Travel Appeal

Mirko Lalli is Travel Appeal’s founder and CEO.

He has 15 years of experience in marketing and digital innovation as a consultant and teacher. Mr. Lalli was the Director of Corporate Communication of Clouditalia Spa and before Marketing and Communication Director of the Fondazione Sistema Toscana, where he conceived and coordinated the “ToscanaLab” and the well-know “Voglio Vivere Così” projects, Tuscany’s first digital and social media marketing campaign whit the aim to reposition a destination.

International speaker, lecturer and professor in master and courses in several italian universities. He’s also the Scientific Director of MATIS, the H-Farm Education’s Master in Travel Innovation Strategy.

He has been a member of the Tourism Innovation Committee of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism since its first edition and has collaborated with the creation and development of the BTO (Buy Tourism Online) european leading event for the travel industry. He is also a member of the BTO Educational Scientific Technical Committee. In December 2017 he participated to Singularity University’s Executive Program in Silicon Valley.