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How to build a winning Marketplace?

10:55 20 minutes ENG The Louis
Johan van Mil Peak Capital

Everybody can launch a marketplace today. But what defines the winners? What are ingredients to build a winning Marketplace? And what is needed to survive in this competitive and changing environment? Johan will share his first-hand experience as an investor in disruptive marketplaces such as Catawiki, United Wardrobe, Onefit, and Studocu. He will share do’s and don’ts, learnings and practical insights to build the next disruptive Marketplace.

Johan van Mil

Johan van Mil

Peak Capital

Johan van Mil is a serial entrepreneur turned investor. He is Co-founder and Managing Partner of early-stage venture capital fund Peak Capital. Peak Capital invests in rapidly growing SaaS and Marketplaces and is known for its investments in Catawiki, Iens (sold to Tripadvisor), Radionomy (sold to Vivendi) and Cheapcargo (sold to PostNL). Peak Capital recently invested fast-growing marketplaces such as Batchforce, Creative Fabrica, Invoice Finance, OneFit, United Wardrobe, and Studocu.

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