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The Adaptable mindset: for happiness, resilience and creativity

15:45 30 minutes presentation Grote Zaal
Robert Overweg Creative Artist

Learn how to develop an Adaptable mindset. Create a stream of constant inspiration based on the outliers in art, philosophy, tech, movies and games. Learn to be “ok” with change, a skill very relevant in our constantly changing world. Let’s dive into what the actual top skills to withstand disruption are: from critical thinking to cognitive flexibility. Skills which allow you to better analyse possible future situations. And finally let’s learn how to find some calm and focus in this sometimes hectic world, based on the latest research. All with the goal to make you happier, more resilient and more innovative.

Robert Overweg

Robert Overweg

Creative Artist

Robert Overweg is an artist, gives lectures, dwells in virtual worlds and is creative director at the 160 people tech company Triple. Where he has worked with the likes of Vodafone and Heineken. Robert has given lectures at MIT, SXSW and the European Commission. He has exhibited at the Centre Pompidou and the media biennial in Seoul.

It’s quite simple, Robert likes to help people and companies. According to Robert it’s even easier if people learn to help themselves by developing an adaptable mindset. Which he teaches through his courses and lectures.