eDay Next Gen

Content creation for a new generation

11:00 30 minutes presentation Grote Zaal
Tim van der Wiel GoSpooky

What does it take for brands to stay at the forefront of constant developments within social content, social culture and social platforms? And how can we apply new technologies and innovations, like AR and social commerce, without losing touch with the wants and needs of our audiences? In this talk, Tim deep dives into trends and rising social platforms – like TikTok – and what can we learn from today’s innovators and early adopters.

Tim van der Wiel

Tim van der Wiel


After discovering the power of online advertising with his million-plus Twitter account at age thirteen, he co-founded GoSpooky in an effort to connect brands to their audiences via new media platforms, resulting in collaborations with brands such as KLM, HEMA and IKEA, as well as a spot on Forbes’ 2017 30 under 30 Europe: Media list.

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