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After spending 6 years on the commercial side of the fashion industry, I decided to focus my skills on growing businesses. I've been the main driver of growth behind LABFRESH for 3 years and helped it become Europe's fastest growing technical menswear startup. What started as hacking quickly evolved into creating synergies between the brand, content and marketing strategies to create sustainable growth.

Here is what I can do for your business:

- Growth strategy and execution. Whether that’s identifying a key area of improvement or an overall strategy, I will find what’s holding back your growth and help you fix it.
- Brand, content and marketing strategy with a full-funnel approach. There is no one size fits all solution, but these days building a brand entails much more then optimising your paid channels. I’ll help you create those synergies through creative marketing.

I am extremely efficient and a jack of all trades, a generalist if I may. If you want someone who understands the synergies you need to create sustainable growth, I’m your woman.


Growth hacking Marketing Content marketing Branding Brand content Webmarketing strategy Email marketing Communication strategy E-commerce


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I advise, create and execute your growth strategy. I’ll transform your business into a profitable, renowned brand by focusing on long-term, scalable growth through creative, brand and content marketing.

My expertise is B2C, especially ecommerce and innovative brand building.

I am available for consultancy, training as well as interim head of growth positions.

Do you want to...
...be less dependent on social media ads?
...know when to discount and who should yo give those discounts to?
...grow your brand online without hurting your wholesale business?
...create a steady flow of quality content?

Drop me a message and let's figure out your gameplan.



After joining right at the start, I built the digital foundations of the business and been responsible for driving growth and international expansion.
- Customer base from 0 to 30k with 50% retention rate across 98 countries.
- Made email marketing the most profitable channel with 58.4% open rate and 24.9% CTR in 2019 while doubling the list size.
- Revenue +20%, AOV +27% in 2019
- Built a website, rebuilt it on Shopify then managed a team of experts to take it to the next level on Shopify Plus. - Developed the brand image, guidelines, content and marketing calendar.
- Managed 50+ photo and video productions and a team of creatives.
- Wrote all copy for the website, hundreds of emails and ads. Defined the tone of voice.
- 100+ outside the box experiments like fabric test kits, wild posters, list building collabs, billboards, magazine inserts and many more.
- We ran 4 crowdfunding campaigns and raised €1m. I built our own fulfilment shop and eventually a private crowdfunding platform which helped save €20k+ in fees.



During my time at Onefit I was responsible for experimentation across the whole customer journey. - Customer retention through email marketing
- Paid acquisition channels (Facebook, Adwords)
- CRO, landing page design & building
- Usability testing & UX design
- SEO optimisation
- Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Segment, Hotjar, VWO


Kilgour, Selfridges, Matchesfashion, Miu Miu, Mulberry, Reiss

During and after my studies I fulfilled a variety of commercial roles in fashion from marketing intern (Miu Miu) and retail management (Selfridges and Matches) through buying and merchandising (Reiss) to consulting (Kilgour).